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Brown Rang - Yo Yo Honey Singh India's No.1 Video 2012
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Durata: 3 minuti 0 secondi
Autore: speedpunjabi
Data pubblicazione: 27/02/2012
Voto: 4.7035847 su 5
Votanti: 41010
Visto: 15953814 volte

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Don't like indian ...
Don't like indian dudes, but totally fell in love with this guy after seeing him live yesterday. I was so starstruck. Brown Rang - Yo Yo Honey Singh India's No.1 Video 2012
Roma Yurkov-Kay08/10/2013
Like this very much
Like this very much
Sanjida Hossain13/07/2014
Rohit Pawar15/03/2014
I just love his ...
I just love his attitude!
Rumman Tabassum12/02/2014
I don't understand ...
I don't understand any of the Indian language, but I'm pretty sure he is the kind of rapper who raps about girls, and other bullshit. EMINEM is better he doesn't rap about that, he raps about his life and our life, not girls, and drugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kim Tran03/05/2014
Dude, that is a ...
Dude, that is a killer song man!! thanks for sharing!!
afnan sabeen27/02/2014
About time someone ...
About time someone appreciated the beautiful skin colour that Asians from the subcontinent have. With all the pressure for women to be fair and have blonde hair and blue eyes there, this is quite refreshing to hear (and watch - the model is gorgeous!).
Fareeha Syeda28/01/2014
People Compare ...
People Compare Honey Singh With Eminem! May Be He Is Not Like Eminem But He Is One Of His kind! He Is Yo Yo Honey Singh I'm Proud Of Him!
Vaibhav Londhe07/04/2014
love it
love it
Deepshikha A27/02/2014
Brown Rang (Y) (Y) ...
Brown Rang (Y) (Y) (Y)
summaya siddiqui09/05/2014
yo yo is the best 
yo yo is the best 
amon kaul22/05/2014
Altho I like the ...
Altho I like the meaning of the lyrics, his singing and tunes are pure crap. Yuck!
Love this song...!! ...
Love this song...!!!
Trishikha Mukherjee13/07/2014
like if comedy ...
like if comedy night with kapil brought you here.
rahul singh13/07/2014
Thizz song s superb ...
Thizz song s superb by yo yo honey singh ♥ ♥ ♥ thiz my fav song !!
sally khan25/04/2014
I only like Yo Yo ...
I only like Yo Yo Honey Singh more in Xpose. In Xpose he's more serious. But this song is catchy though.
Awesome Song
Awesome Song
dinesh gupta22/12/2013
#iisuperwomanii ...
#iisuperwomanii #i_love_ya ;)
Hanu Siddhanth Rapeti01/07/2014
my favourit
my favourit
Azeem Butt05/06/2014
Right now obsessed ...
Right now obsessed with this song. The Video is sexy 😉 Was never a fan of Honey Singh but darn he can sing and has a seductive voice. In love with this song 😍
Anamika Dutta19/04/2014
KEEP ROCKING YO YO!!! yo yo honey singhhh!!! ;)
Tushar Rawat29/05/2014
great song by Honey ...
great song by Honey Singh i'm also a rapper just made a desi hip hop song called sexy kudi if anyone interested then check it out 
Kidd GENiU$09/02/2014
Beats awesome love ...
Beats awesome love u honey singhaaeee..
ravi teja21/01/2014
nice body man 
nice body man 
Subin Santhosh12/03/2014
Hey there hot body
Hey there hot body
zoya yunus24/02/2014

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