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Les Miserables - Samantha Barks - On My Own (lyrics) (Full Verison)
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Autore: dunnousewutname
Data pubblicazione: 28/12/2012
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This song is from a movie "Les Miserables", song by Samantha Barks. Here is the movie's trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8J0va2w5fY The Sonndtrack album : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/les-miserables-highlights/id584102671 This is one of my favorite song from this movie, I also like Anne Hathaway - I Dreamed A Dream and Cast Of Les Miserables - Epilogue. Les Miserables - Anne Hathaway - I Dreamed A Dream (lyrics) (Full Verison) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wJ-yzL6MFs And I would recommend you to watch this movie :) Hope you enjoy it :D

WOW! THANK YOU ALL OF YOU! MORE THAN 2,000,000 VIEWS NOW :D Thank you very much, it means alot to me :)
After 2-3 years he ...
After 2-3 years he loved me but the relationship was short lived and was ruined by other people he thinks he can't make me happy Now Iv completely lost him forever He cut me out in hopes of me forgetting him and finding joy else where But I still love only him and so much reminds me of him Everything reminds me of him- we just had too much in common I wish he would come back- even as a friend Id rather love him on my own then to have nothing of him
Puddi Kat26/01/2015
Perfect song ...
Perfect song describing a guy that friendzone me for 3 years. I kept on thinking if i keep on friends with him, he will slowly starts to like me, BUT HEY THAT DIDNT HAPPEN INSTEAD HE DECIDED TO DATE MY BESTFRIEND, took me a while but I decided to dump him. I've wasted 3 years of my life waiting for him who doesnt even deserve to be waited.
Fatihah Targaryen07/11/2014
I saw this movie ...
I saw this movie the day I was friend-zoned...greeaaat. 
The ultimate anthem ...
The ultimate anthem of fangirl's everywhere...
BazookaBurnz Grease29/10/2014
This is the song of ...
This is the song of every fan girl 
SwaggArtist 9930/11/2014
All I will ever be ...
All I will ever be to him is just a friend. Not even the first friend he'd go to for help or to vent. But just a girl. And it will always be that way since he already has his girl. This song is just too powerful. I especially love the part, "Without him, the world around me changes. The trees are bare and everywhere the streets are full of strangers." "Without me, his life will go on turning, a world that's full of happiness that I had never known!" It's just too much, in a good way..... What really stinks, he tied the knot in June or July of 2014. I missed him by at least a year. I'm officially too late and will have to continue pretending he loves me back inside my dreams. Practically the only place he will ever love me. I feel you, Eponine. I really do.
My best friend sent ...
My best friend sent this song to me before we had a falling out due to my now ex-girlfriend calling her out on her feelings for me. I feel like an idiot not reading between the lines and now I lost her completely.
Liek if u cry ...
Liek if u cry evrytime
Supa liz21/05/2014
"I love [her], But ...
"I love [her], But every day I'm learning. All my life I've only been pretending. Without me, [Her] world will go on turning; A world that's full of happiness, That I have never known."
Stephen Stahley18/05/2014
I wish I didn't ...
I wish I didn't love him so we can be both be on same page, but after so many years of hoping it will go away, it hasn't. I have finally come to terms that I doubt he ever will love me so all I can do is help him find his own happiness in hopes that once he does, maybe I can be happy too.
falling in love ...
falling in love alone is awful
Mary Skywalker01/05/2014
why do i feel, from ...
why do i feel, from the very moment i saw her and this song, that, if i ever played in Miserables, i would only want to portray Eponine????
Wow! I can't stop ...
Wow! I can't stop listening to this song.
Max Azevedo26/01/2015
This song speaks to ...
This song speaks to me on a very emotional level just ermergerd it breaks my heart.
Bubble Kitty05/07/2014
There is beautiful ...
There is beautiful music out there for those that care to listen, This is beautiful !!
Sonny Yombo01/12/2014
this song discribes ...
this song discribes me
Annabeth Chase29/01/2015
I love him. God how ...
I love him. God how I love him. I've been sitting here being his best friend, and helping him with other girls. But I love him. Why can't he see? I love him, but only on my own.
Jessica Joyner11/11/2014
DUDE. If he doesn't ...
DUDE. If he doesn't like you, WHO EVEN CARES. You're radder than him. Go find someone as rad as you are to kiss. Fact: The Venn diagram of people who are not as cool as you and people who don't like you is a circle.
Latitude Brown31/01/2015
Everytime someone ...
Everytime someone leaves me in a kik conversation I start singing this really loud. 
anyone know where I ...
anyone know where I can get the ACTUAL piano music to this?
Billie Taylor07/02/2015
This is not the ...
This is not the full version...upsetting.
Alexis Hays16/02/2015
I can related to ...
I can related to this song in so many ways.
Autumn Peirson22/02/2015
Everyone will feel ...
Everyone will feel this way, at least one time in our life.

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