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Les Miserables - Samantha Barks - On My Own (lyrics) (Full Verison)
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Durata: 3 minuti 12 secondi
Autore: dunnousewutname
Data pubblicazione: 28/12/2012
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This song is from a movie "Les Miserables", song by Samantha Barks. Here is the movie's trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8J0va2w5fY The Sonndtrack album : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/les-miserables-highlights/id584102671 This is one of my favorite song from this movie, I also like Anne Hathaway - I Dreamed A Dream and Cast Of Les Miserables - Epilogue. Les Miserables - Anne Hathaway - I Dreamed A Dream (lyrics) (Full Verison) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wJ-yzL6MFs And I would recommend you to watch this movie :) Hope you enjoy it :D

I saw this movie ...
I saw this movie the day I was friend-zoned...greeaaat. 
"I love [her], But ...
"I love [her], But every day I'm learning. All my life I've only been pretending. Without me, [Her] world will go on turning; A world that's full of happiness, That I have never known."
Stephen Stahley18/05/2014
Liek if u cry ...
Liek if u cry evrytime
Supa liz21/05/2014
falling in love ...
falling in love alone is awful
Mary Skywalker01/05/2014
I loved Eponine<3 I ...
I loved Eponine<3 I really want to portray her in a monologue ;o;
Cheyenne Lynn26/11/2013
its beautiful...
its beautiful...
Sumi Chan30/10/2014
Everytime someone ...
Everytime someone leaves me in a kik conversation I start singing this really loud. 
And now I'm all ...
And now I'm all alone again nowhere to go, no one to turn to I did not want your money sir I came out here 'cause I was told to And now the night is near Now I can make believe he's here Sometimes I walk alone at night When everybody else is sleeping I think of him and then I'm happy With the company I'm keeping The city goes to bed, And I can live inside my head
Isabelle Lacerda09/12/2014
Perfect song ...
Perfect song describing a guy that friendzone me for 3 years. I kept on thinking if i keep on friends with him, he will slowly starts to like me, BUT HEY THAT DIDNT HAPPEN INSTEAD HE DECIDED TO DATE MY BESTFRIEND, took me a while but I decided to dump him. I've wasted 3 years of my life waiting for him who doesnt even deserve to be waited.
Fatihah Targaryen07/11/2014
This song speaks to ...
This song speaks to me on a very emotional level just ermergerd it breaks my heart.
Bubble Kitty05/07/2014
There is beautiful ...
There is beautiful music out there for those that care to listen, This is beautiful !!
Sonny Yombo01/12/2014
WOW! THANK YOU ALL OF YOU! MORE THAN 2,000,000 VIEWS NOW :D Thank you very much, it means alot to me :)
I love him. God how ...
I love him. God how I love him. I've been sitting here being his best friend, and helping him with other girls. But I love him. Why can't he see? I love him, but only on my own.
Jessica Joyner11/11/2014
Story of my life.
Story of my life.
Abi Watson10/11/2014
I sing this every ...
I sing this every time i'm alone in my room
Mariah Jameson13/12/2013
This is the song of ...
This is the song of every fan girl 
SwaggArtist 9930/11/2014
The ultimate anthem ...
The ultimate anthem of fangirl's everywhere...
BazookaBurnz Grease29/10/2014
Aww Eponine I feel ...
Aww Eponine I feel you! This song is this story of my life. Eponine is amazing ❤️
Advika Verma16/12/2014
I am playing ...
I am playing Eponine in May! I'm so excited! hope I do her justice :D
sarah fullwood10/04/2014
my brother walked ...
my brother walked in while I was playing this and he said "Emo."
Katryn Steenkamp22/03/2014
Without sounding ...
Without sounding too Captain Obvious-like, but this is NOT Samantha Barks!
Henri Balla27/09/2014
Suck dick 
Suck dick 
Niamh Grant06/12/2014
This scene makes me ...
This scene makes me cry a lot! 
Víctor David Orozco Valenzuela31/12/2013
Along with the ...
Along with the Russell's Crowe Stars the best singing performance in the movie <3
it's hell .. ...
it's hell ..friendzone can kill.... 
Nisarg Upadhyay20/06/2014

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