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Les Miserables - Samantha Barks - On My Own (lyrics) (Full Verison)
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Autore: dunnousewutname
Data pubblicazione: 28/12/2012
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This song is from a movie "Les Miserables", song by Samantha Barks. Here is the movie's trailer : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8J0va2w5fY The Sonndtrack album : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/les-miserables-highlights/id584102671 This is one of my favorite song from this movie, I also like Anne Hathaway - I Dreamed A Dream and Cast Of Les Miserables - Epilogue. Les Miserables - Anne Hathaway - I Dreamed A Dream (lyrics) (Full Verison) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4wJ-yzL6MFs And I would recommend you to watch this movie :) Hope you enjoy it :D

why do i feel, from ...
why do i feel, from the very moment i saw her and this song, that, if i ever played in Miserables, i would only want to portray Eponine????
"I love [her], But ...
"I love [her], But every day I'm learning. All my life I've only been pretending. Without me, [Her] world will go on turning; A world that's full of happiness, That I have never known."
Stephen Stahley18/05/2014
This scene makes me ...
This scene makes me cry a lot! 
Víctor David Orozco Valenzuela31/12/2013
I saw this movie ...
I saw this movie the day I was friend-zoned...greeaaat. 
This song speaks to ...
This song speaks to me on a very emotional level just ermergerd it breaks my heart.
Bubble Kitty05/07/2014
I sing this every ...
I sing this every time i'm alone in my room
Mariah Jameson13/12/2013
WOW! THANK YOU ALL OF YOU! MORE THAN 2,000,000 VIEWS NOW :D Thank you very much, it means alot to me :)
Liek if u cry ...
Liek if u cry evrytime
Supa liz21/05/2014
Everytime someone ...
Everytime someone leaves me in a kik conversation I start singing this really loud. 
I loved Eponine<3 I ...
I loved Eponine<3 I really want to portray her in a monologue ;o;
Cheyenne Lynn26/11/2013
I love Samantha ...
I love Samantha Barks...literally! haha She's only a couple of months older than me and I'm a performer also! :P lol
Today is a special ...
Today is a special day for a friend of mine who is no longer a friend. A friend I was in love with for 6 years. I can't even call to say congratulation since he left. UGH Let me share my sadness with you all *lol* So much of #this #lesmiserables #samanthabarks #onmyown 
Laura Walsh04/03/2013
*On My Own - ...
*On My Own - alternate lyrics by Brynn (who, incidentally, hates her printer)* (Voice notes: the lyrics in brackets are to be sung (sprechgesang) quickly immediately after the preceding line because they don't take the place of an actual line in the original song.) On my own, pretending he’s beside me All alone, my printer isn’t workingggg Without him, my network is surely broken And when I lose my connection I close my eyes And he is fixing In the dark, the printer button flashessss All the lights are misty from my tearssss In the darkness. my office is full of flashing lights And all I see is him and me forever and foreverrrr (with a working printerrrr) And I know it’s only in my mindddd That I’m talking to myself and not to him And althoughhhh I know that he is drunkkkkk Still I say, there is a way for us (if he can fix my stuff) I love hisITskills But when the night is over (and I still don’t have anything printed) He’s gone, the printer is still not printing Without himm the world around me is inkless The paper is blank and the cartridge is stuckkk and I am screaming I love hisITskillsss But everyday I am learning (that I hate ITstuff) All my life I’ve only been pretending Without me his world will go on printing A world that is full of documents that I have never knownnnnn I love hisITskills I love hisITskills I love hisITskills But only on my owwwnnn. *_____________* h/t +Laura Walsh ...this very touching song that you posted prompted some serious singing at my house (with alternate lyrics because I can't get my printer to work), so it needed to be shared. LOL Thanks girl! You rock!
Brynn Brown04/03/2013
My favorite song ...
My favorite song right now.
Amber Perry22/04/2013
On my own So ...
On my own So touching...the voice, the melody, and the words...
Maggie Huang15/02/2013
true love
true love
Linsky Lin15/02/2013
falling in love ...
falling in love alone is awful
Mary Skywalker01/05/2014
love this song <3
love this song <3
Francesca Nixon13/04/2013
Goog night Les ...
Goog night Les Miserables - Samantha Barks - On My Own (lyrics) (Full Verison)
Michael Ni04/03/2013
There was a time I ...
There was a time I thought Lea Salonga would never be beating singing this song... I was wrong... I still love Lea's version but Samantha knock me down every time!
Patricia Andrade09/08/2013
Very nice, but I ...
Very nice, but I prefer Melissa O'Neil's performance over this one. O'Neil's sounds younger (like the voice of one's depiction of the character Eponine) and she makes the said "him" in the song sounds more distant. Take a listen: /watch?v=mycDkFivz4o
I saw this movie ...
I saw this movie it's awesome but kinda sad
Anna park26/01/2014
Falling in love ...
Falling in love alone is a living hell...
Gustavo Horn09/01/2014
us fangirls this is ...
us fangirls this is our song 
Lauren Grace04/12/2013
I hate Marius
I hate Marius