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Change the speed to ...
Change the speed to 1:5 
Kimmy Limmy29/04/2014
I need to learn ...
I need to learn this song before the talent show starts. Me and my friend ysabel are doing the talent show together
Elsa Winter28/04/2014
Brazil is not ...
Brazil is not broken just bent and will learn to play football again. 07/13.
Nei Nery13/07/2014
You hurt me..why? ...
You hurt me..why? Just give Me a Reason... :((
roger cabantug24/06/2014
we can learn to ...
we can learn to love again........
ellysa rose Belarmino19/05/2014
i like the song its ...
i like the song its nice... but why would you want someone back if they hurt you? or if the love is gone why try again??? 
err puto14/07/2014
It's amazing song, ...
It's amazing song, Just Give Me A Reason, We Can Learn To Love Again :) Great Song Sharing With All G + Friends :)
Emma MacDonald30/06/2014
love it
love it
priyanka pink10/04/2014
People seem to ...
People seem to throw things away too fast, instead of fix them.
awesome song!
awesome song!
Cal Lover Foreva 卌03/06/2014
<3 luff this song
<3 luff this song
Skyler Stark17/04/2014
Learned to loved ...
Learned to loved again? ??;
manex Alcaide22/06/2014
Me and my sister ...
Me and my sister went on the x facter and song this song and we passed
mary mcgeddie17/04/2014
Who's sings with P! ...
Who's sings with P!nk?
je suis jalouse et alors? Problem?24/04/2014
omg i love this ...
omg i love this song. when i sang this one at my school talent show, i got a standing ovation. so now its like, my most FAVE song ever! im having a sing-off with my after-school program and im sure to win it again! (*of course im singing this song again X3*)
Jaida Mingus23/07/2014
#pink Just give ...
#pink Just give me a reason!!! #soundsofsunday #throwbackthursday RESHARE PUBLIC for all to enjoy! The reason to is because u wish it!! your choice matters to u!!! :-)))))
Chris Madzier04/07/2014
beautiful song this ...
beautiful song this song inspires me a lot because most of the avrage amount of people don't understand the "cutting thing" and i have 37 scars on my arm and 40 scars on my legs people are like what the hell happend to you and im like my dad is half zebra they were like dats bull sheit and i just walk away
No im dreaming06/06/2014
Sometimes the scars ...
Sometimes the scars on our hearts make us believe we are broken. Great song! Yes we can learn to love again :)
Jacqueline Hernandez15/05/2014
Just give me a ...
Just give me a reason
Fitri Ayu Putri Setiawati19/05/2014
My girlfriend is 16 ...
My girlfriend is 16 hours away from me :'(
Adit Vatik24/12/2014
i like dis song ...
i like dis song hihi
ProBro 7824/06/2014
Pink's voice omg <3
Pink's voice omg <3
Pamela Norva13/07/2014
Give me a reson why ...
Give me a reson why someone would thumbs down
Learning to loom 10121/04/2014
Htoo Tha Blay06/01/2015

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